Bridge Kids

We exist to give kids Jesus on their level!

We do this by helping them...

What to expect

Bridge Kids is the BEST place for your child (birth through 5th grade) to be during a Sunday service. They’ll experience Jesus on their level with incredible Dream Teamers who create fun and safe environments. Stop by Bridge Kids check-in each week to check your child in and our team will be there to help show you to your child’s room!

Bridge Kids at Home

Miss a Sunday? Kiddos sick with the flu? Bridge Kids online is the perfect place to give your family Jesus on Their Level! You never again need to miss a week of the amazing Bible lessons being shared each week in Bridge Kids. We can't wait to see you in person again soon! Miss a week? Head over to our YouTube channel where you'll be able to watch past lessons.

Baby Blessings

Bridge Kids exists to give kids Jesus on their level; Baby Blessings is a public commitment from you, the parent(s), to do the same. The Baby Blessing process gives parents the opportunity to thoughtfully make a spiritual plan for how they will help their child meet Jesus on their level. Our desire is to help parents prioritize their child's journey to know and follow Jesus above all other parenting pursuits.

Baby Blessings is designed for children 0-2 years old. During the video sessions in this process, you'll hear Baby Blessings referred to as "Baby Dedications". This recent language shift indicates that Baby Blessings is for any family, no matter the stage of life, with a child that meets the age requirements. There are no prerequisites to Baby Blessings - we just want to bless your child!

Stay tuned to register for our next Baby Blessings!